Wooden Floor Polishing

Wooden Floor Polishing

Whatever your floor surfaces, Multi Clean PRO will help with keeping them in good condition.

We will wash, mop, scrub, polish and effectively clean all surfaces.

Multi Clean gives outstanding results - in a single pass - on most types of hard floor surfaces leaving wood, vinyl, marble, tiles, profiled ceramic floors and non-slip safety floors ready to walk on in minutes.

Wood floors are one of the items that require the most attention in your London home. Multi Clean can provide you with a comprehensive maintenance services that will renew the appearance and quality of your finished wood floors. 

We provide all equipment and materials necessary to complete a high quality floor cleaning, polishing and waxing assignment. Multi Clean utilize the most durable and finest waxes depending on the type of floor and the use it receives.

If your floor is dulling and has minor surface scratches, your floor probably just needs cleaning and a good polish. Depending on the amount of traffic in your home, we recommend polishing the floors every 2-3 months.

Multi Clean London is a top cleaning company covering all areas of London.

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