Terms & Conditions

Multi Clean London undertakes to perform the service required by the Customer according to the highest standards in the cleaning industry. We usually require the customer or their representative to be present at the end of the job to approve the results and pay for the performed service. In case it is not possible we must be notified within 3 working days and allowed to redo the cleaning and solve the problem at no additional cost. However, once the job has been approved by the customer we cannot accept further complaints.

Keys can be picked from other premises nearby free of charge or for a small fee for distant locations, do the work and then return the keys later on the same day.

Please bear in mind that we cannot be held responsible for permanent damages and stains that have become more visible after the upper layer of dirt has been removed. In case of claim against us we are liable to cover expenses based on the present condition at the time of cleaning taking into consideration reasonable wear and tear and not on the value of a corresponding brand new item.

We require 24 hour notification regarding cancellation of booked services. Otherwise, cancellation fee will be imposed.
The minimum charge per visit is £45. Congestion and car parking charge may apply as well.

MCS advises that customer must be present at the completion of the job so that to inspect if it is done to a satisfactory level and ask for any corrections if needed before our cleaners leave.

We expect payment to be made cash or by PayPal after the cleaning if otherwise is not agreed in advance. A debt collecting procedure will apply if the customer refuses to pay for any reason.

Please note that by booking our services the Customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions stated above.

Multi Clean London is a top cleaning company covering all areas of London.

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