End of Tenancy Cleaning London

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

What can you expect from our end of tenancy cleaning service?

No matter whether you are moving in or you just want to freshen up your home, our experienced cleaners will make your property gleam.

Domestic cleaning includes: cleaning of the kitchen, cleaning and polishing of all types of surfaces, thorough clean of the oven, cleaning the fridge, cleaning the freezer, the inside and outside of all kitchen cabinets, thorough cleaning of the kitchen tiles, dismantling (if possible) and cleaning of the extractor fan, the inside part of the kitchen window, the window frame, the sink, the faucet and the dishwasher, the washing machine, the kitchen doors and their handles, all sockets and switches, all walls (if it’s possible and if they do not need painting), the skirting boards, even behind the fridges, cookers and electric appliances (if the time and situation allow). At the end of the service, our cleaners will wash and disinfect the kitchen floor. We guarantee your kitchen will be fresh and clean.

Bathroom Cleaning

Multi Cleaners London will make your bathroom gleaming and clean. We start with the bathtub for which we use lime-scale removers, then we go on to the basin, tiles, shower cabin, shower, base of the shower cabin, mirrors and all walls, if possible.

We clean the inside and outside of all cabinets and pieces of furniture. We sweep and mop the bathroom floor with disinfecting cleaning products to ensure we leave your bathroom perfectly clean.

If the bathroom floor is covered with fitted carpet, then the service Carpet Cleaning should be provided, which is charged as separate service. For exact service prices, please, call on 07889908629 or 07889908629 and you will receive the complete information.

How do we service your bedrooms?

Thorough sweeping, hoovering and mopping wooden and hard bedroom floors. If your bedrooms have carpet on the floor, please click here Carpet Cleaning.

Wiping of all skirting boards including those behind beds and furniture (if possible). Cleaning and polishing of all picture and mirror frames, cleaning of all windows and window frames from the inside.

We clean: all furniture items and cabinets from both inside and out, all bedroom sockets and switches, the chandelier (if possible), the doors and their handles, the walls (if possible, walls often need painting), the wooden/iron parts of the bed, all adjoining terraces or premises.

How do we service your corridors and stairs?

This service includes: vacuuming, mopping, dusting of all surfaces and items of furniture. The skirting boards are cleaned all along the corridors. Pictures, mirrors (if there are such) are carefully dusted and polished.

Lounge and Living rooms Cleaning

Our domestic cleaners will clean and freshen up your lounge and living rooms to perfection. Multi Clean London will dust all surfaces and furniture items and afterwards polish all wood surfaces, so that they shine

The windows, as well as the frames, will be cleaned from inside. All skirting boards and walls will be dusted and handled with the suitable products. For cleaning and wiping of valuable and costly items, please, see our Terms and Conditions.

Above we listed what we do as part of our work. Naturally, each client has different wishes/requests and we are ready to discuss them. For free estimations please call on 02034417624 or 07889908629. You can use our easy to use on-line Contact form as well.

Multi Clean London is a top cleaning company covering all areas of London.

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