Carpet Cleaning in W1K Mayfair (north)

Professional carpet cleaning services in W1K Mayfair (North)

Carpet Cleaning W1K Mayfair (north) offers professional carpet cleaning services in to keep your carpets and rugs in top condition. If you live in W1K Mayfair (north) and you need a professional carpet cleaning company, Carpet Cleaning W1K Mayfair (north) offers you great cleaning service for you on top prices. 

Carpet Cleaning W1K Mayfair (north) clean fast, we have extensive experience cleaning all types of carpets and provide high-quality services to provide the best quality of cleaning for your special and comfortable home. Carpet Cleaning W1K Mayfair (north) own professional cleaning machines including machines from Prochem and Rotovac. Don't cut the stains on the carpet, we will clean them up for you!

Fast, friendly, and fully functional, our professional carpet cleaning service is well renowned throughout the London area. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. Carpet Cleaning W1K Mayfair (north) always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. Contact us to learn more about our incredible staff and how they can help you!

What you can expect from our Carpet Cleaning in W1K Mayfair (north).

  • Carpet cleaning - HotWater Extraction Method
  • StemPRO 2000 Power Max equipment
  • carpet cleaning from corner to corner
  • We move all furniture
  • special spot removals
  • dry carpet in minutes
  • friendly staff
  • professional and reliable service
  • No additional or hidden charges

Our carpet cleaning services in W1K Mayfair (north) are always safe for the family and are performed by only the best technicians. Our vans are spread all across our service areas and we can respond most times within the Same-Day.

How we do our carpet cleaning in W1K Mayfair (north) see below.

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The type of cleaning needed varies on the type of stains (if any), usage and condition of carpet. We offer everything under the sun when it comes to carpet cleaning ;-) Just call on 07889908629. You can use our contact Contact form!

Multi Clean offer a wide range of cleaning services in W1K Mayfair (north) 

End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Just call on 07889908629 or use our Contact form. Please visit our FAQ page for more info.


Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning W1K Mayfair (North) offers upholstery and mattress cleaning services in W1K Mayfair (North). The key to Upholstery maintenance is regular cleaning. Upholstery fabrics last longer and look cleaner if maintained.

We use our furniture every day, and they are not exempt of getting dirty. When this happens a professional care is needed to maintain the quality of the fabric. Upholstery is made of different fibers, and the cleaning products used are not the same as your carpet solutions. We will inspect each fabric and utilize the best available solution to clean it.

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Our first step is to diagnose the problem areas and pre-treat them, and then Carpet Cleaning W1K Mayfair (North)’ technicians apply our special upholstery cleaning solution to the fabric which loosens embedded dirt. After we remove the dirt using our powerful extracting system, we recommend an application of Scotch Guard protection, to help keep future dirt and spills from soiling your freshly cleaned surface.

The second step includes a specifically formulated PH-balancing fiber rinse that removes cleaning solution residue and stubborn dirt.

Domestic Cleaning

Our domestic cleaners W1K Mayfair (North) are vetted carefully to ensure that a cleaner will stay with you for a good period of time. Our vetting is carefully done to ensure that a cleaner will stay with you for a good period of time. We know that it takes a lot to allow a stranger into your premises hence the reason why we make all the adequate steps to guarantee the peace of mind of our clients by ensuring that all our cleaners are fully vetted.

Why Choose Multi Clean in W1K Mayfair (North):

  • Trained, vetted and insured cleaners.
  • Same cleaner every time.
  • Security! All our cleaners are trained into safe key-holding. We will never have your keys with the address held on one place and if we lose your keys we will pay for new ones to be cut.
  • No extra charge for ironing, shopping, pets care.
  • Immediate cleaner replacement in case of holidays, sickness etc.
  • No minimum term contract.
  • Convenience! Various payment methods.
  • Pay only when using the service.
  • We will invoice you once a month (optional).
  • Discounts on all other services: Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, End of tenancy cleaning, Spring cleaning, After builders cleaning and House removal services.

Just call on 07889908629 or use our Contact form. Please visit our FAQ page for more info.

Did You Know That?

The Mayfair area is in the London Borough of Westminster and mainly consists of the historical estate of Grosvenor, along with the estates of AlbemarleBerkeleyBurlington, and Curzon. It is bordered on the west by Park Lane, north by Oxford Street, east by Regent Street, and the south by Piccadilly. Beyond the bounding roads, to the north is Marylebone, to the east, Soho and to the southwest, Knightsbridge, and Belgravia.

Mayfair is surrounded by parkland; both Hyde Park and Green Park run along its boundary. The 8-acre (3.2 ha) Grosvenor Square is roughly in the centre of Mayfair, and is thecentrepiece of the area, containing numerous expensive and desirable properties.