Carpet Cleaning in SW4 Clapham

Thankfully for all SW4 Clapham residents, Multi Clean London has been developing its excellent reputation and building up a very satisfied clientèle, for over a decade. So for you today - and all your carpet cleaning needs in SW4 Clapham - Multi Clean London is simply the address.

Our Carpet Cleaning team offer a wide range of cleaning services in SW4 Clapham.

What you can expect from our carpet cleaning services in SW4 Clapham?

Our carpet cleaning process is a well organized, structured, step by step procedure. We only use the most tried and tested carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning chemicals, carefully assessing your specific needs before we get to work.

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We do not claim to be number one, as we are not competing with anyone but ourselves. We strive to be the best carpet cleaners in SW4 Clapham area and we try harder every day to achieve it. What makes us stand out is our commitment to excel

Multi Clean London cover all areas around SW4 Clapham, we cover all London as well. Same day service is available. Please see below:

We believe that a healthy home starts with clean carpets. Nothing cleans more thoroughly, or protects your investment better than PROCHEM cleaning system.

Our carpet cleaning team in SW4 Clapham clean any carpet style or type, natural or synthetic, and our process is completely safe for children and pets.

If necessary, we will vacuum your carpet before we start in order to remove additional dry soil. Once the preliminary hoovering is complete, we proceed with furniture removal. We are able to move your smaller furniture items, such as chairs, end tables, coffee tables etc.

Please visit our Facebook fan page and see why more than 8 200 people likes our cleaning business. CALL US for free on 0800 411 8778 Tel 0208 166 9726 Mob 07889908629 - 24/7. You can use our contact form as well.

Our carpet cleaning team in SW4 Clapham offer professional upholstery cleaning as well. Please see below.

We will take on any type of high-end fabrics and heavily soiled pieces that you have at your home or office. We only provide the very best, high quality furniture and upholstery cleaning in the business, and we strive to make sure you're satisfied before we leave.

Our cleaners in SW4 Clapham understand that your home is an essential investment, and that the wellness of your home is important to you and your family. We can help you maintain your home from your fabrics, to your window drapes, and more.

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Quality furniture and upholstery was made to last, which is why our carpet cleaning team in SW4 Clapham developed the technology and methods to be able to fine tune it with the specialized shampoo applications, hot water treatment, dry steam, dry compounds, and foam cleaning. Our first step is to analyse all furniture and upholstery to see what fabrics are involved so that we can ensure we are using the most suitable cleaning products for them.


Clapham SW4 is a district in south west London, England, within the London Borough of Lambeth.

Clapham SW4 covers the postcodes of SW4 and parts of SW9 and SW12. Clapham Common is shared with the London Borough of Wandsworth, although Lambeth has responsibility for running the common as a whole. According to the 2001 census Clapham and Stockwell town centre had a joint population of 65,513[1] inhabitants. Clapham is made up of Clapham Common and Clapham Town and the northern part of Thornton ward (the southern part is in Balham). Parts of Clapham North lie within the Brixton electoral ward of Ferndale and the Stockwell electoral ward of Larkhall.

Clapham SW4 is well known for its extensive 220 acre green space Clapham Common, which features three ponds and is overlooked by large Georgian and Victorian mansions, and the village-like atmosphere of its historic Old Town. Clapham is famous as the home of Holy Trinity Clapham the Georgian Church on Clapham Common, from where The Clapham Sect led by William Wilberforce and a group of upper class evangelical Christians campaigned for the abolition of the slave trade in the 19th century.

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